Now the transaction is signed by two private keys.

Now the transaction is signed by two private keys.

The 1st TxC is born at

Age shall not weary you, strafgevangenis the years condemn.

Txcoin is a P2P Crypto Currency with a hybrid proof of work(PoW) system. Txcoin supports two hashing algorithm: SHA256 and SCRYPT. Each algorithm has its seperate difficulty, both targetting Two minutes. Txcoin can be merged mined with either sha256 or scrypt based altercoins.

  • Arbitrary message
  • Permit associate reserve gegevens with a transaction that is secured by the blockchain.
  • You can make a message delivery with transaction.
  • See Txcoin transaction message
  • Decentralized advertisement

Wij introduce a decentralized advertising system ter Txcoin. The Txcoin-QT will demonstrate top ads along with their paid transaction toverfee and confirmations.

Txcoin uses sha256 spil default algorithm for mining, you need to switch to scrypt for your scrypt miners by adding “miningalgo=scrypt” te “txcoin.conf”:

  • Download Txcoin wallet client from, copy a fresh Txcoin address from ‘Receive’ pagina spil TXC payment address.
  • Get your Bitcoin wallet address from either BTC client or blockchain.informatie account spil your BTC payment address ter the TXC mining setup pagina .
  • Login the pool pagina and setup your mining account.
  • Create workers

sudo aptitude install screen git python-rrdtool python-pygame python-scipy python-twisted python-twisted-web python-imaging

Step Two: Configuring and beginning Bitcoin server

/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf, it voorwaarde contain:

To commence Bitcoin server, type:

Step Trio: Configuring and beginning Txcoin server Edit the verkeersopstopping

/.txcoin/txcoin.conf, it voorwaarde contain:

To commence Bitcoin server, type:

Step Four: Embark P2Pool for Bitcoin and Txcoin with Merged Mining enabled

screen -d -m -S multip2pool

/p2pool/ –give-author 0 bitcoinrpc SupperPass123456andServerEASDFGHTYUHHH –merged http:// txcoinrpc:[email protected]:7332/

Step Five: Setup ASIC mining equipment

  • Set pool url with “http://IP_P2POOL_SERVER:9332”, substitute IP_P2POOL_SERVER with your server IP.
  • Set pool account with “YOUR_BTC_WALLET_ADDRESS/1000+N”,substitute YOUR_BTC_WALLET_ADDRESS with your BTC address, N with your mining equipment rate.

Merged mining permits you to mine for Txcoin and another coin like Bitcoin at the same time. The benefit is that you don’t need to budge your hashing power to Txcoin, instead, you’re earning reserve Txcoin while not affecting your mining. This is feasible because Txcoin accepts a certain format of PoW which can prove you’ve done incredible amount of hashes on another blockchain. You can do merged mining with Txcoin and SHA256 or SCRYPT forked altercoins.

Wij won’t sell the coins from genesis block. You can check the transactions from the address te genesis block on block explorer.

Multi-signature address is an address that is associated with more than one private key. Multisig have lots of uses, wallet sharing, enhanced security and escrow. Further readings: Multisig, The Future of Bitcoin.

Create Multisig Address

  1. To create a m-of-n multisig address, wij need n public keys. You can lightly get public key with respect to your address. For example, to create a 2-of-2 multisig address, you can get one public key from John’s wallet address (yourself), and another form Jason’s wallet address.
  2. Now wij can create our multisig address

Click “Fresh MultiSig” and pack te each public keys from step 1.

  • You can find the freshly created multisig address on “Addresses” and uitvoer this multisig address to your fucking partner (a .fma verkeersopstopping e.g. multitest.fma)
  • You vereiste send the .fma verkeersopstopping to your playmate.

  • Jason imports the .fma opstopping and create the same multisig address
  • Send to multisig address

    Spend from multisig address

    Here wij’ll describe how John and Jason spend Txcoin from their 2-of-2 multisig address. This transaction needs to be signed with two private keys, one is hold by John, the other by Jason.

    1. And now John and Jason can review their balance of their multisig addresses.
    2. John starts creating transaction from the 2-of-2 multisig address.They each has a private key of that address ter their wallet.
    3. John signs the transaction with his private key, and uitvoer the raw transaction. John then needs to send this raw transaction to Jason(Email, BitMessage, SMS. ).
    4. Jason imports this raw transaction, he can see the transaction is already signed by a private key. Jason reviews the transactions and sign with his private key.
    5. Now the transaction is signed by two private keys. Jason can simply click “Send” to broadcast the transaction.

    Txcoin Version v1.1.1.8

    Copyright В© 2009-2014 The Bitcoin Developers

    Copyright В© 2013-2014 Transactioncoin Developers

    This is proef software.

    Distributed under the MIT/X11 software license, see the caccompanying verkeersopstopping COPYING or

    This product includes software developmentby the OpenSSL Project for use ter the OpenSSl Toolkit ( and crytographic softwware.

    Copyright В© 2014 Transactioncoin Developers

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