How to earn bitcoins without any investments

How to earn bitcoins without any investments



this company apply bitcoin

And you Can invest ter Another coins

Go to that And make Account and Begin Trading


AIR Druppel COINS MEANS (Coins inject ter Coin market cap te the future)

From months Ago I buy ETN coin

ETN coin price very low

I buy 1639 ETN by only 17$

After 1 month I sell it on 98.89$

My profit Up to 500%

The Air Druppel coin I Recommend for you to invest on It

Bitcoin itself is investment. Most people don’t understand this and spend them or attempt to invest them ter scam sites.

Some ways to earn bitcoins-

You may have visited this forum. On this forum you can earn bitcoins by doing signature campaign i.e you promote a product, webstek or a faucet ter your signature.

But you need to have a hero or senior account. You can earn 0.1 BC monthly.

b) Referral Programs

Most websites and faucet sites have remarkable referrals programs. With only referrals you can earn lots of bitcoins. There is no effortless way to get referrals. You gotta work hard.

Promote thesis sites –

c) Make your own faucet with Xapo

d) Work for bitcoins

There are lots of freelancing webpagina now which pays te bitcoins. One of which is XBTFreelancer which I mentioned above

e) Mine some altcoins like XMR, AEON, BCN, DSH on Minergate – a software by the help of which you can mine altcoins.

But to actually make money with it, you need to have a strong CPU or lots of strong graphics cards.

Minergate uses both CPU power and GPU(graphics cards) power to mine altcoins.

f) Group mine bitcoins if you can

g) Also I left behind to mention On Freebitco.te you can win weekly Three+ BTC te a lottery.

Now i would tell you how you could earn money with NO INVESTMENT

It’s fairly ordinary:

Two. Login and go to ",Products", – ",Faucet",.

Three. Type captcha and earn your free bitcoins.

Note: you can do that only once a day!

Four. Go after step Two and step Three next 2-3 days if you are patient or skip to step 7 Hurhur

Five. After that you have claimed Three times bitcoins.

6. Now your ready to begin with your money bot.

7. Go to ",Account", scroll down to menubar and choose ",Exchange",.

8. On the left choose your earned bitcoins and on the right choose ",scrypt 24 hour rental",

9. Now you have activated your bot for the next 24 days and you should see your earnings

running te your account instrumentenbord.

Ten.Under ",Mining", you can switch to many currencies you will mine. I earn only bitcoin, ethereum And zcash those are my individual favorites right now. But it’s

your own decision.

11.Every day you should go to ",Faucet", and voorkoop your free bitcoins.

12.On next day after your 24 rental scrypt is overheen, you have earned more bitcoins. Then you should

do step 7 till step 9 again. and again. and again.

13.Your collecting hashrate will rise up and you can get good money like mij $10-12 vanaf day and more.

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