Eobot – Caning the Cloud Mining Pony, and Being Upfront About It – Scam Bitcoin

Eobot - Flogging the Cloud Mining Horse, and Being Upfront About It - Scam Bitcoin

Eobot (eobot.com) is a peculiar kleintje of operation, a cloud mining webpagina, which does ter fact meet 6 of the 7 cloud mining Ponzi criteria waterput together by the crypto community at bitcointalk.com, but which seems to be paying and which has indeed bot around since 2013. The user terugkoppeling on the operation is similarly confusing: there are people out there claiming that Eobot is nothing more than a typical cloud mining scam, while others are adamant that the operation is paying them.

Looking at the evidence provided on Eobot’s Audit pagina, it is indeed safe to assume that the webpagina is paying its (or at least some of its) users. There are two Bitcoin wallets featured there, a Hot Wallet and a Cold one. The Hot Wallet is the one with all the outgoing transactions. According to blockchain.informatie, every day hundreds, possibly thousands of micro-payments are made from this address. The Cold wallet is evidently kept around spil a safety measure: the webpagina will pay its customers from it, if it everzwijn gets hacked and user funds vanish spil a result of that – or so the story goes.

This is all fine and fat, but does this indeed mean that Eobot is a legitimate cloud mining operation, and does it mean that it is profitable at all, even if it is? To address the very first part of that question: while the payout-side of the operation is indeed relatively see-through (the micro withdrawals/payouts are evidently happening indeed) the same cannot be said about the revenue-generating part. There is no public mining address provided, so there’s no way for anyone to tell whether there is indeed real mining going on here.

Anyone who joins the operation has to be ready that it will take him/hier at least 38 months to pauze even (to recover the principal). The webpagina cautions participants that this calculus does not reflect any mining difficulty increases (which will inevitably toebijten) and that the entire activity should not be viewed spil anything more than a joy proefneming, which may indeed result te the loss of one’s principal.

With the above ter mind, it is indeed difficult to actually call Eobot a straight-up scam: it does after all, tell its users that they may end up losing their investments and that turning a profit is enormously unlikely.

What Exactly Does Eobot Suggest?

The operation is involved te scores of other cryptocurrency initiatives, one weirder than the other. Ter addition to the cloud-mining scheme detailed above, they also have a faucet – yet another rather dubious scheme, which according to some may te fact infect users’ computers with a cryptocurrency miner. Indeed, spil soon spil wij visited their faucet pagina, our CPU got spiked, so there is indeed something going on here, behind the scenes. Spil soon spil wij killed the browser window used for the faucet pagina visit, the cooling fan slowed down and CPU usage returned to normal.

Eobot are so into this “users donating their unused computing power” angle, that they run some sort of SETI program called [email protected] on their cloud spil well. To verify that there is indeed cloud-based SETI activity going on, users can check the [email protected] stat pagina. Those who sign up for such contracts, will be rewarded with Gridcoins. Eobot warn people not to expect to turn significant profits through this activity either.

Cloud Folding is yet another quirky project peddled by Eobot. Through it, users can help medical research, and te terugwedstrijd, they will be transferred Curecoins. Profits can’t indeed be expected off this activity either, tho’ it does te fact sound pretty interesting.

The MyPool feature actually permits users to rent cloud mining from Eobot and mine into their own pools, including crytocurrencies otherwise unavailable through the webpagina. Beyond its touted benefits, this feature can somewhat be viewed spil proof regarding the existence of actual, physical mining at the webpagina.

Eobot also features an exchange section.

Can I Trust Eobot?

That is truly difficult to tell. One thing that wij noticed tho’ is that thesis guys do not promise anything indeed. Ter fact, they make sure to tell their users that they may end up losing their principals. That’s certainly a mark te the plus katern for them.

Question Marks

The webpagina does not have an About Us pagina, and their support pagina only features a phone number (+1 (800) 485-4912) and an email address ([email protected]). It’s evident that whoever is running this, isn’t keen on parading ter the limelight. The web domain registration is private too.

There is no actual proof of mining suggested. There are some pictures of ASIC-based mining farms te their Gallery section, but it this day and age, that is simply insufficient spil far spil proof goes. They do permit their users to mine into their own pools however, which is a sign of legitimacy ter this regard.

Eobot run a referral program, which prizes their users with a 1% cut on their referrals. This factor reeks a bit of a Ponzi construct.

Eobot are evidently quick to admit that the services they opoffering might not be profitable at all. Ter that case, the question inevitably pops up: what’s the use? Why would anyone want to “invest” with them? At the end of the day, they lock up their users’ funds for 38 months. They may end up folding anytime, taking their users’ funds with them, and there’s nothing out there to prevent this from happening.


Complaints about Eobot are plentiful at bitcointalk spil well spil ter various Reddit threads dealing with the cloud miner. Payments have evidently bot stopped to some users, while others proceed getting paid. Something is certainly at least a little fishy ter this regard.


Spil of November 22, 2018, Eobot.com’s global SimilarWeb rank wasgoed Three,662, indicating it’s a very popular webstek. More than the 20% of its visitors are from Russia, while other significant visitor demographic include Brazil, Ukraine, Vietnam and Thailand.

Their high popularity might be partially explained through their employment of cryptocurrency ad networks, such spil adbtc.top, which pay users to visit certain sites.

Eobot Review Conclusion

Eobot might not simply take their clients’ funds and run, tho’ there are no long-term ensures ter this regard either. Like any cloud mining scheme/faucet however, they are most likely simply not profitable, and they will be the very first to admit it. With that ter mind, you need to ask yourself: do you indeed want to pour money into this operation?

Review Verdict: Eobot is NOT recommended!

Blacklisted webpagina: Eobot.com

If you have bot scammed by Eobot or if you believe wij’re wrong ter our review and that Eobot is a legitimate webpagina, please let us know by commenting below.

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