Alien Invasion iOS Spel Lets Users Earn Bitcoin for App Referrals

Alien Invasion iOS Game Lets Users Earn Bitcoin for App Referrals

A fresh iOS app permits users to help save mankind from a “reptilian alien invasion” and earn bitcoins te the process.

Tigara Games released its very first title, Uranus Attacks!, for iOS users on 1st March. Built using the Coinbase API, users are rewarded with bitcoin dispensed ter Coinbase wallets, about $0.05 according to developers, for encouraging others to enroll ter the apocalyptic resistance effort.

The brainchild of developer Amer Qureshi, the release is the product of six months of development during which he sought to tie bitcoin into an iOS gaming practice.

Qureshi told CoinDesk:

“I don’t know what the latest stats are, but there are only Two million people with bitcoin out there, but think of how many people have games. With all of thesis people from the gaming side embarking to get bitcoin for free, skill of bitcoin could grow beyond what it is today and that’s good for everyone.”

Bitcoin is also featured prominently te the vormgeving of the spel, spil users accumulate and spend virtual in-game bitcoins on items and to advance to fresh levels. Due to iOS confinements, however, thesis in-game bitcoins have no real-world value.

Qureshi indicated that Tiagara is optimistic his team won’t face similar hurdles when it attempts to launch the app on Android.

Uranus Attacks! is available for purchase for $Two.99 to those with iPhone Five models or newer. Purchase proceeds help fund development and to pay for the spel’s referral program.


When users open the app, they’re greeted with a series of missions, 13 ter total, each of which has an arcade-style scoreboard. Users materialize ter outer space spil a cartoon ruimtevaarder beset by space rocks and colorful aliens.

Users can tapkast to teleport to a fresh location on the houtvezelplaat and dual tapkast to release a blast radius of weaponry to dispose of the evil aliens. Should enough be killed ter a single blast, cartoon bitcoins will emerge to be scooped up by players.

Points are then redeemable for fresh levels and special weaponry, tho’ a default bomb is always available for free.

Users can check their point levels via a ‘Coin Bankgebouw’ and purchase 1,000 in-game points for an extra $0.99.

Bitcoin-first app

Quershi explained that the idea for Uranus Attacks! wasgoed born out of his desire to help spread the bitcoin ecosystem to fresh users while enlargening his own abilities spil an iOS developer.

“The intent wasgoed to create a spel that could tie-in with with the bitcoin ecosystem,” Qureshi said, adding that the decision to choose iOS wasgoed partly influenced by the enlargened purchasing power of this demographic.

Going forward, however, he sees an chance ter helping other developers use free bitcoin spil a way to encourage others to share their apps.

The result is that this capability has bot expanded by the team into a standalone product, a bitcoin referral toneel for games called Coin-fu for which he projected there would be more updates soon.

Pics via Tiagara Games

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