6 GPU Nvidia Ethereum Mining Equipment – $2500 Build Coin Suggest

6 GPU Nvidia Ethereum Mining Rig - $2500 Build Coin Suggest

Beginner Focused Ethereum Mining Equipment

Do you want to build an Ethereum Mining Equipment? Best Mining Equipment For Ethereum? Cheapest Etherum Mining Equipment Build?

Then you are at the right place. Today I will vertoning you how you can build an Ethereum Mining Equipment by using Nvidia Graphics cards.

Today the price of Ethereum is $750.

Also, it will rise up to or higher than $1000 the next, &, that’s what the prediction says.

Update – With the current price of Ethereum that has gone up. You can mine more with this equipment. Also, this mining equipment capable of mining other coins too like Zcash, Monero, etc. This Ethereum Mining equipment can work without any problems te 2018.

Ethereum is 2nd most popular cryptocurrency out there after Bitcoin. And if you are looking for investment ter cryptocurrency you can read my guide –

The reason wij are building an Ethereum Mining Equipment with the help of GPU’s because Ethereum is ASIC resistance i.e you cannot mine on the ASIC hardware that is very capable of mining and thesis are now used to mine Bitcoins &, Litecoins.

So, all of the miners around the world are building Ethereum Mining Equipment with the help of GPU’s.

So, without a further ado, I’m going to demonstrate you how to build a cheapest Nvidia Ethereum Mining Equipment.

I have mentioned all the linksom from Amazon so that it would be lighter for you to buy if you are kicking off out with mining.

6 GPU Nvidia Ethereum Mining Build

So, wij are going to use 6 Nvidia graphics cards for mining. I will also explain the hardware that I have used.

Our Mining Equipment will consist of –

I have listed all hardware below. You need to assemble them – which I think is very effortless if you have assembled few PCs.

I have attempted to make this postbode very effortless to use and implement for the beginners.

1. ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Graphics Card

Wij are going to build an 6 GPU Mining equipment – so, wij will need 6 Nvidia GTX 1060.

Thesis are some good graphics cards that you can get te the market. 1 GTX 1060 can produce an hashing power of 20 MH/s i.e 20X6 = 120 MH/s.

There is few graphics card that cost a lotsbestemming but does not produce a lotsbestemming of hashing power. Ter comparison to our cheap mining equipment, I have gone with GTX 1060. This ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 is a 6GB DDR5 graphics card.

I personally will give you one advice spil most of the graphics card becoming out of stocks you can look out for the other sellers or used graphics cards on Amazon they are truly cheap and affordable. Importantly they are well te condition.

If you ter future determine to resell thesis graphics cards they are very effortless to be sold.

Two. PCI-E 16x to 1x Risers

The next thing you would need is RISERS. Thesis are some puny cables that connect your GPU and motherboard to work together.

Elementary, you can waterput your GPU card ter the slot that is available on the RISER and cable of the RISER can be connected to your GPU.

You voorwaarde also check that your Motherboard has 6 GPU slots for RISERS. I have listed the motherboard below.

Trio. ASRock LGA 1150 H81 Professional BTC

This ASrockLGA 1150 Supports 6 GPU so you could mine without any problems. The motherboard is the base of your mining equipment. Every component of you Ethereum mining equipment will be connected to your motherboard.

So, voorwaarde also make sure that your motherboard is placed decently inwards the case so there is enough of ventilation.

The main feature that wij are going to look into this motherboard is PCI express slot i.e GPU slot. This motherboard supports DDR3 RAM which will not affect our mining efficiency.

Four. Crucial Ballistix Sport 4GB Single DDR3 RAM

I’m going with a DDR3 RAM spil this motherboard only supports DDR3 RAM. The memory of the RAM does not matter If you go with 4GB or 8GB the mining efficiency would be same.

So, better go with 4GB rather than 8GB cutting the reserve cost.

Five. Intel Celeron Processor

So, you most likely might be thinking why to go with Celeron why not i3 or i5. The reason is GPU’s are swifter and efficient te mining and calculation. Wij are going to do a GPU mining.

Wij only need a CPU to embark the mining and the entire mining process would be done with GPU.

Wij will go with Intel 7th Gen Celeron or you can even go with Intel Pentium G3250.

It doesn’t matter how quick is your CPU. So, the best way is to go with Intel Celeron.

6. SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB

You will need a storage to store and mine. Comparing HDD VS SSD – SSD’s are loterijlot quicker. It is slightly expensive than the HDD but I feel that you vereiste go with SSD.

By using SSD’s you are enlargening your processing speed and reducing the transfer period needed.

You don’t need 500Gb or 250GB of storage the only things that will be operated on the SSD will be your OS, Mining Software and block chains that will be downloaded. That’s it that will also not make up to 100GB.

So, you are glad to go with 120GB. You can go with SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB.

7. EVGA SuperNOVA 1200W Platinium

If you are going to run your equipment then you would need an excellent and supported power supply unit. Wij are now going with EVGA Super Nova which will supply 1200W. No doubt wij will only need 1000W but wij can be on the safer side with the use of 1200W.

How do you calculate the power supply needed? Well if your 1 GPU consumes about 150W than 6 GPU’s will make up to 900W but there are other components that will be fastened to the PSU. You might even fasten a monitor or a screen to view your hashing power.

8. ATX Power switch

One thing that wij are not using in-out mining equipment is a cabin or a case so there will be no power switch to turn on your motherboard to mine. So, to do that wij are going to use ATX power switch that will fasten to the motherboard and you can lightly power on or off with the help of the button.

It is very beneficial and you vereiste not miss this one. Many of them who are attempting to buy a mining equipment, miss, this component. Also, make sure you buy this with other hardware spil you will cut out some shipping charges.

9. Mining Equipment Open Air Framework

The next significant thing that you need is a Mining Equipment Open Framework. I would recommend you to build one yourself spil a DIY project. There is nothing much that is needed. You can customize spil vanaf your needs.

But, if you need a ready-made Open Air Framework there are many that are available on Amazon. You can check them out. The main and most significant thing you will be looking for is that there is more space for airflow.

You indeed don’t wanna deepthroat things up. You can even place some ventilatoren on the equipment to keep things cool. The equipment that I have mentioned is a 6 GPU Open Air Case for mining cryptocurrency.

Reminisce, you don’t need a fancy looking case.

Ten. Windows Ten

You would need an compatible toneel for running your mining equipment right. You can go with Linux but it is always good to go with Windows with compatiblity and its interface.

More supported drivers and more the customizations that can be made.


If you have assembled this mining equipment you will be able to mine Ethereum. Not only Ethereum but also other crypto coins like Zcash, Dubai Coin, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Monero, Etc. There are numerous coins that are available for mining.

But you vereiste mine only those which will give you a good amount of profit.

For example, if you could mine $400/month no matter which coin you mine it is profitable. With this, you can lightly voorkant up the initial investment that you have made ter building your mining equipment.

mining Ethereum is excellent now. Te future, you think of adding more GPU’s to your mining it is possible so need to worry.

With this assembled set of 6 GPU mining Equipment, you can achieve Ethereum hashing of ondergrens 120MH/s. Calculating everything you can mine about $350 of ETH vanaf month.

So, this wasgoed mine best Nvidia Ethereum mining equipment hardware that can be built at $2500.

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