Mining Equipments, Bitcoinfinger

Mining Rigs, Bitcoinfinger

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Bitcoin and Litecoin are the two largest cryptocoins traded today. If Bitcoin everzwijn wasgoed fatally attacked, Litecoin could lightly substitute it.

Now that Bitcoin has stabilized above $100 for a while, and the world’s press is sending out a constant stream of informatie (or disinfo) on the subject of cryptocoins, I’m getting bombarded with questions about the alt-coins, such spil Litecoin, PPCoin, Novacoin, Namecoin &, even Ripple. Continue reading Mining Equipments, Bitcoinfinger

What is the Genesis Block te Bitcoin Terms, Investopedia

What is the Genesis Block in Bitcoin Terms, Investopedia

On Jan. Trio, 2009, an anonymous developer called Satoshi Nakamoto made history when he (or she, or they) released the Genesis Block, the original block containing the very first 50 bitcoins, onto Sourceforge. Unlike any of the 502,000+ blocks that came after, Nakamoto left a message ter the code of the block:

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