Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of Religion

Human mind begot the religion. And religion begot the so called the Creator. Some religions zekering at Creator and shudder to talk of the Destroyer. Some religions are bold and gracious enough to accommodate the Destroyer too! After all, what goes up has to come down. What is creatable voorwaarde also be destroyable too. But it begs the question who created the Creator? The religion, of course! And who created the Destroyer? However paradoxical this question might sound te its syntax of juxtaposing creation of the Destroyer, the response is of course, our beloved religion! None else!

Now let us lodge the Creator very first. Usually wij call this dude, the heerser! The maker creates. Does he truly? Let us see. What did he create? The physical objects, environment, life, etc. Hmm! You are being bashful! What about your neighborhood terrorist that could deepthroat a bus fountain of kindergarten age children and still be able to sleep te peace? What about that drug lord who sells and kills ter the name of drugs? What about all the ills and the stench of the world? After all, the religion that accepts the creator voorwaarde also account for thesis lapses and negativeness too! Most religions sulk at this. But still the religions have a marvelous reaction for this quandary. ‘Shut up! Okay?’ Or they may say, “Master, Schepper created just good things, and a free will. But the man misuses free will and begets violence and bad things”. Then wij go, “OK, then what about the tsunami that killed guiltless thousands ter one flush of a sweep the other day!”. Oops, the benign and kleuter creator concept of religion runs into pot fuckholes right away!

OK, for now, let us accept the Creator. But where wasgoed He before creation? He voorwaarde have some space to sit or stand. So did he create the space or space predates him? What about time? Wasgoed there a time when creation wasgoed not and he wasgoed there at that time? So time wasgoed there or not there before creation? Who came very first, Creator or time, or space? Problems and problems! And who told you that creator created, did you see him do it? Oops, I wasgoed not there to witness. Then who told you. Of course, you guessed it. The religion! And who created religion? Can’t be the Creator. If he did, he voorwaarde be nuts to have created so many mad and even violent varieties of religions! Then who is the culprit? If you toevluchthaven’t guessed, let mij help you. It is YOU who created religion! Then religion creates creator. And creator creates the man! And man creates the religion! Man! Mind spins into an infinite loop here! One last laugh on this religious creator goes like this! The religion man says, there wasgoed a creator that looked like the man himself and such creator created the man spil an photo of himself, which is like the man himself! How ludicrous and untenable is this theory! Te this argument of religion the principle of sublime alter is totally lost and the wrangling lodges on man and his madness!

Let us see if wij can figure the end of the Destroyer! Is he one and same spil creator? Na! Can’t be. When you create something so exalted and beautiful, you can’t have the heart to ruin the same, do you? So destroyer voorwaarde be another then, let us at least assume so. But if he can ruin, what wasgoed creator doing? The creator can’t even protect what he created? If he can’t, which of them is more powerful? And this grounds us into yet another problem again!

But religion has a single reaction to all of this, “have faith or your tongue will split into thousand lumps due to this blasphemy. ‘

Now one might say, “Tormentor, what are you talking, you are blaspheming the underlying themes of all religious beliefs!’. But the point is, is there something higher and more noble than the vensterluik religion? Secondly, the concept of Creator and/or Destroyer, is only and only meant for lifting one from the incessant figure identification to a higher sphere to submit oneself at a superior altar. Be it Creator. Be it Destroyer. So the question of Creator and/or Destroyer or whether they are one, two or many is irrelevant. Lift the concentrate from the low planes of mij and mine and broaden the outlook spreading to the entire creation, and eventually losing the locus of concentrate te your lil’ self! For that purpose alone, Creator exists, or Destroyer exists. Not a tit bit beyond that! So, so long spil this question does not resolve on itself and vanish, the response is a rigid affirmative. Have no doubts about it. Once the question drops, you will detect the question to be no longer relevant!

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