How to Build an Ethereum Mining Equipment – Build a Mining Equipment

How to Build an Ethereum Mining Rig - Build a Mining Rig

This guide is to help people with little to no practice build an Ethereum mining equipment. I’ve personally built several equipments, and the most frustrating part wasgoed figuring out what were the best parts to purchase. My purpose for this postbode is to give you the most up to date, highest quality information regarding the equipment needed to create your very first mining equipment.

Also, I truly encourage you guys to ask mij questions if you need any help. This is an arousing time for cryptocurrency and I’m indeed sultry about getting people onboard!

Disclaimer: The amount of money that this equipment will generate is based on the price of cryptocurrency and the mining difficulty which is continually rising. Ethereum is eventually going to enable a fresh system called Proof of Stake that will make mining less profitable. This setup will still be able to mine other profitable coins. This guide is intended to help people, but this setup might not be best for people with high electro-stimulation costs, or people who are looking for a quick comeback on investment. Just like any investment, building a mining equipment can be risky, and you are not assured to make all of your money back. Please don’t invest any money that you aren’t willing to lose.

1. Purchasing Mining Equipment

The mining equipment is going to consist of a diversity of laptop parts. Just like a normal laptop, you are going to need a motherboard, cpu, ram, power supply, and most importantly movie cards. Movie cards, also known spil GPUs, are the key component to mining. Wij are going to use the power of the GPUs to solve the algorithmns that the cryptocurrencies are using to process transactions.

Movie Cards

Essentially, you are going to have to choose inbetween two different types of GPUs. That would be AMD and NVIDIA. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

At one time, AMD GPUs were the best choice for mining. This is because they produced fairly a bit of hash power for a relatively low price. The only punt is that now that mining has become so popular, they are permanently sold out or overpriced. That’s why I chose Nvidia cards for my equipment.

Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080Ti’s

  • They are te stock.
  • They will have a high resale value since there aren’t many people using them for mining.
  • They have a higher hashing power.
  • They can mine coins other than Ethereum at a high hashing power.
  • They are te stock.
  • They are Power Efficient!
  • They have a higher hashing power.
  • They can mine coins other than Ethereum at a high hashing power

Another significant thing to consider is that thesis cards have a high hash power for many other coins besides Ethereum. This means that thesis cards will remain profitable even if Ethereum Mining becomes too competitive. I purchased thesis cards because I know that I project on mining for a long time, and that buying the right equipment would make it more profitable.


Whichever motherboard that you use, you are going to have to make sure it can support for all of the GPUs that you are going to install. Reminisce to choose the onberispelijk cpu and ram for whichever motherboard that you pick.

Mining doesn’t typically require that much ram. I’d recommend getting two 4GB stuffs of ram just to be safe. They aren’t that expensive so it doesn’t hurt to get more. You’ll need a loterijlot of ram if you project on maximizing profits by Hosting for the SIA podium along with mining. There are usually two different types of ram.

Mining equipments don’t require a lotsbestemming of cpu power since the GPUs are doing all of the work. You can get away with purchasing the cheapest CPU, which should usually run you inbetween $50-100.

Power Supply (PSU)

The power supply is an significant component te your equipment. It has to be able to supply enough watts to power all of your movie cards. The NVIDIA 1080 TIs will typically require 250 watts each. After you under clock the them, the power consumption should druppel to 150 watts. To be safe, I still recommend purchasing more power supplies than necessary for three reasons.

  1. It’s not a good idea to run the maximum fountain on one power supply,
  2. Two VGA power cables will be needed for each card (Each power supply has Four VGA Power Ports)
  3. You might want to add more movie cards to your setup.


Risers are cables that will permit you to place your movie card a few feet away from your motherboard. This is an essential component. Without it, you won’t be able to getraind all of your movie cards on your motherboard. Even if you could gezond them, you still want toegevoegd space, so that they have ventilation. Risers are permanently selling out, so I’d make sure to some toegevoegd ter case you have any dead ones.

Hard Drive

The hard drive just has to be big enough to hold the installation of windows or linux. Wij are going to purchase a 60GB solid state drive for this equipment.

Two. Setting up the Mining Equipment

  1. Un-package all of the components
  2. Install Cpu, Heatsink, and Fan onto Motherboard
  3. Install Ram
  4. Ass-plug ter Sata Hard Drive
  5. Hookup Power Supply to Motherboard and Hard Drive

The next section will explain onto hookup the movie cards to the equipment.

Connecting the Movie Cards

The movie cards should be sitting ter something secure that has slew of ventilation. Wij recommend that you purchase an Open Air Mining Framework off of Amazon.

Connecting the Risers

Connecting the risers should be self explanatory. One thing to reminisce is that the little 1x PCI Express cards can be placed ter the 16x PCI Express Slot (the big PCI slots). If you by any chance purchases a riser with a sata to molex adapter, make sure to substitute it with a onmiddellijk molex connection. The sata to molex adapters have bot known to set fire.

Connecting the Movie Cards to the Power Supply

Depending on which movie cards you have purchased, you are very likely going to need to run a power cable from the power supply to the movie cards.

Installing Drivers

At this point, I’m assuming that you’ve already installed Windows on your mining equipment. For this article, wij are going to use Windows since it’s elementary to setup and maintain.

The simplest way to install the drivers is to download the Geforce Practice program from the Geforce webstek. This will automatically download the latest drivers, which for mij, has bot sufficient for mining.

Underclocking the NVIDIA 1080 TIs

An significant part of making the NVIDIA 1080 TIs efficient is under clocking them so that they use less power, while still getting a high hash rate. You want to download and install MSI AfterBurner. After you have installed Afterburner, you want to druppel the “Power Limit” down to 60 and then succesnummer the check mark so that the settings are applied to cards. Here is a screenshot of my Afterburner settings:

Three. Installing the Mining Programs

There are a multitude of mining programs for each cryptocurrency. The mining programs have to be compatible with either AMD or NVIDIA depending on which one you are using.

Awesome Miner

To simplify this process, wij are going to install a program called Awesome Miner. This program is going to download all of the popular miners, and will automatically use whichever one is compatible with your movie card and the coin you are mining.

Profit Switching

Wij are going to use the profit switching feature of Awesome Miner. I personally keep all of my equipments on profit switching all of the time.

When mining cryptocurrencies, it is best to mine te a pool. A pool is a group of miners who combine their hash power together so that they are more likely to earn prizes from mining. You could mine alone, but chances are you would not earn cryptocurrency consistently.

There are three different pools that utilize profit switching: ZPool, NiceHash, and MiningPoolHub. I’ve personally attempted NiceHash and Mining Pool Hub. Te my opinion, Mining Pool Hub is more profitable, and it gives you more control overheen what you mine.

NiceHash is good if you want to just waterput your equipments on autopilot. Plus they payout ter Bitcoin, which will save you time and energy converting your coins into it if you choose to do so.

Setting up Profit Switching

For this example, wij are going to use Mining Pool Hub.

  1. Go to their webstek and setup an account.
  2. Login to your fresh account and go to the “Hub Workers” pagina.
  3. Input the name of your worker on the fields to the left (This is simply a name for your equipment. If you choose to have numerous equipments, this will be helpful to specify which coin each one mines.)
  4. Go to Awesome Miner and click on “New miner”.
  5. Klapper next and choose “Managed Profit Miner”.
  6. On the next pagina make sure that under “Profit Switching Profile” you have selected NVIDIA.
  7. Click next and finish the installation.
  8. Now open up “Options”.
  9. Once you are ter “Options” go to “Profit Switching”.
  10. You should see an option for “Mining Pool Hub”. Check this option and input your username and worker name like so: “username.workername” (the username is listed under “worker login” on the “Hub Workers” pagina)
  11. After you succesnummer OK, you can clock on your freshly setup profit miner and click “Start” at the top toolbar.

You are now te business!

The coins that you mine can be automatically converted to whatever coin that you like using the “Auto Exchange” feature on Mining Pool Hub (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, etc…)

Here is a screenshot demonstrating the revenue that my Ethereum Mining Equipment is generating spil of (July Five, 2018):

Four. Setting up Remote Access

If you are like mij, and you don’t have physical access to your equipment because they are at a different location, then you are going to need to access it remotely. To do this, you can install the program TeamViewer, and setup unattended access. Once you have unattended access setup, you can remotely connect your equipment from anywhere using your pc or smartphone, even if it restarts.

There are WiFi clever outlets that can be installed so that you can remotely turn off power to your equipment if it everzwijn freezes. If you install this along with TeamViewer, you will almost never have to physically access your equipment to keep it up and running.

Five. Configuring Equipment to Autostart Miner

Ter case you need to restart your equipment, you are going to want it to embark mining again automatically. This is useful if you are using a wifi wise buttplug to perform remote restarts.

Disable the Windows Ten Login Screen

On Windows Ten, you are usually brought to a login screen when you embark the pc. The very first thing wij are going to do is disable this login screen.

  1. Click commence or kasstuk the windows key on the keyboard.
  2. Go to the search window and type te “netplwiz” – without the quotations
  3. Click Netplwiz – it should emerge spil a search result
  4. The User Accounts windows should emerge. Click on your username and then uncheck the opbergruimte that says “Users voorwaarde inject a user name and password to use the rekentuig.”
  5. You will be prompted to type ter the user account’s password, type this is and you should be good to go!

Give it a test restart to make sure that it wasgoed configured decently. Now, when you restart, or turn on the rekentuig, it should bypass the login screen.

Configuring Awesome Miner to Autostart

You can lightly configure Awesome Miner to autostart through the program.

  1. Open up Awesome Miner
  2. Go to “Options” up at the top.
  3. The autostart options should be the very first few under the general tabulator.
  4. Click on “Autostart when Windows starts”
  5. Goto Managed Miners on the spijskaart to the left.
  6. Find your Profit Miner, click on it, then click edit
  7. Check the opbergruimte that says “Autostart Miner”
  8. Click Ok on both boxes and everything should be set.

Excellent! Now your equipment is autonomous! Give your equipment a restart and make sure that everything is working decently.

Te Recap

Congratulations! You have taken the very first step to becoming a crypto millionaire! All you have to do now is sit back and collect your coin. Periodically you might need to fix something on your equipment or restart it, but most likely it will run slickly most of the time.

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