Ubiq ter one pagina – The Ubiq Report

Ubiq in one page – The Ubiq Report

The Ubiq network provides a stable blockchain to host an Ethereum Virtual Machine. With several more hard forks planned for ETH’s future, businesses wanting to implement applications on an Ethereum Virtual Machine would be subject to frequent updates and the the risk of instability associated with blockchain hard forks. The Ubiq development team’s commitment and concentrate on providing a stable and reliable toneelpodium, permits customers ter finance and enterprise the capability to build today, without worrying about an uncertain tomorrow.

After reviewing a number of diverse options, who chose to commence development with the Ethereum codebase from 1.Five.8, and then switched several key features such spil block times and prizes. When blocks are created at 60 2nd or less intervals, there are often orphan blocks from miners not receiving each other’s work before solving their own. The Ethereum system of uncle blocks permits this work to still be included, but the 88 2nd block times chosen for Ubiq means that wij do not have to rely upon this work around for regular operation, and any potential prize is actually given to the miner working off the main chain. Additionally, the freshly designed Flux difficulty algorithm maintains this 88 2nd block time far better than the stock code, and permits the network to operate at lower and more varying hashrates. Our choices also permit older GPU hardware with only Two GB of memory to mine for several years without punt. The Ubiq network benefits from having the standard EVM and is ready for future interoperability while still being air-gapped from the Ethereum foundation’s chain.

Creating a stable price and healthy distribution with no ICO or premine can be a challenging uitzicht for a fresh launch, spil the community witnessed with the launch of the Zcash network. This problem is mitigated by generating our contract fuel UBQ by transferring the value of the established JBS market. JBS wasgoed a fair launch with no premine, instamine, or ICO and had almost Three years of lasting value and development, coupled with a large and diverse community of developers, traders, and enthusiasts. The inflation rate of 8 UBQ vanaf block (7.3%) for the very first year is fairly manageable spil the network value grows. Our monetary policy decreases this inflation to 1 UBQ vanaf block (0.7%) overheen the next 8 years — this coupled with Ubiq’s system of treating uncle prizes, provides the verhoging with excellent inflation consistency. Te light of this, Ubiq presents itself spil more than just an EVM network, but also fulfills a role more akin to a currency and store of value, than that provided through alternative EVM networks.

Recently incorporated, Ubiq Technologies Inc. wasgoed founded with Five members that have bot involved with the cryptocurrency space for several years. Our development team has worked spil contractors or advisors with a number of different blockchains, built blockchain backed services, and created integrations with existing financial platforms. This exposure has provided the capability to audit a vast array of unique codebases, and cements our suggesting spil one of the most well-rounded chains available today. The business will serve spil a funding voertuig for the Ubiq verhoging, and already has several consulting opportunities, business partnerships, and technologies under development, all of which will be used to leverage Ubiq’s functionality. Having no ICO or premine paves the way towards a bright future for the company, spil wij have no history of previously acquiring funding through thesis unconventional and unproven methods. Our team is capable, sultry, and already has a history of working unfunded to create and maintain the best blockchain product for their customers and the cryptocurrency community spil a entire.

Wij look forward to sharing the developments wij have planned for the year ahead!

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