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Blockchain Reviews, Read Customer Service Reviews of


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Youri Kruger

Welgevoeglijk wallet

I have used this wallet all the way through November 2018 to January 2018 and have not experienced any problems except for the utterly long transaction times for Bitcoin te December, but that wasgoed not the fault of Blockchain.informatie. I find it shocking to see all the bad reviews about Blockchain.informatie, but I cannot confirm the reviews because I haven`t used this wallet since mid January. Also, I never bought any BTC through this wallet, I just used it spil a wallet. TBH, I think the people who have had problems are incompetent and don`t know how to come in onberispelijk values such spil the address and fail to dual check the stuff they waterput te. Also, people who sent ter 30 bucks worth of BTC and then have zero because of the transaction fees ter December: that`s not because of Blockchain.informatie. During December the transaction fees for BTC were crazy, whether you used blockchain.informatie or any other wallet/exchange.

Antonio Jose

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Blockchain.informatie stole Four.6 bitcoins fro mij

Blockchain.informatie stole Four.6 bitcoins from mij. It shows that there were two transfers on the morning of feb 18th, 2018. and all my bitcoins were transferred out of my account. I did nit transfer any bitcoins. and I have MFA turned on, so I would be notified via email and text if someone had attempted to transfer this via stolen password.


Do not attempt to get your money back by …

Do not attempt to get your money back by technical experts, tricks etc,it DOES NOT WORK, I attempted it all, I hired peoplke for this, thesis are no real paswords they sez but something else. They switch passwords or even set fresh 2nd passwords.

Stay away

My money is stuck and their internal error message just keeps telling mij i need to wait Four more days (since Trio days ago).

Looks like i made a horrible choice and trapped my money.

They have no phone.

Sold my bitcoin 8 days ago

Sold my bitcoin 8 days ago. Coinify sell order confirmed. No confirmation email. No reply to my emails. 6,600 of bitcoin spil far spil I know gone. Not sure what to do now. Not a pleasant practice I do not recommend blockchain or coinify.




Vasile Frentiu

Enormously poor FAQ and support.

Enormously poor FAQ and support.

Meaty fees specially for puny transactions.

For few hundred $ , BTC to ETH exchange, you can expect 25% fees. The trick they use to rip you off is both the exchange rate and fees.

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