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Today wij’ve determined to ultimately do a measurement to see how much power does a Bitmain AntMiner S1 Bitcoin ASIC use both at idle (not mining), at stock 180 GHS and at overclocked 200 GHS mode. Wij’ve bot using Bitmain AntMiner S1 miner for a while now and have already collective our best settings for overclocking AntMiner S1 to 200 GHS spil well spil some very interesting thermal pics that what gets hot and how hot actually gets on the AntMiner S1 houtvezelplaat. Wij are going to be measuring the power consumption (at the power socket) with the help of a very good 80 Plus Gold certified Power Supply (Seasonic SS-400FL) that is able to supply about 90% efficiency at maximum blast. This means that the actual power usage of the ASIC miner is 10% less than what our measuring device shows and the other 10% of power are being lost during the conversion essentially te the form of warmth dissipated by the PSU. What you are paying for is the actual power measured by the device wij are using for the tests of the power consumption.

The idle power wij have measured wasgoed 75W (67.5W + 7.5W). This is the power usage that you can expect from the device spil soon spil you power up the AntMiner S1, it takes some time to commence up and to connect to the Internet te order to get work from the pool and the power usage during that time is about 75W. Also should your ASIC miner liberate connection to the Internet or the pool it is configured to mine at gets down and there is no backup or the other pools are also not available the device will consume 75W of power doing essentially nothing.

What you will be more interested te tho’ is the power usage of the Bitmain AntMiner S1 ASIC when it is working and mining for Bitcoions. At the default frequency of 375 MHz of the Bitmain chips used te this device and a hashrate of about 180 GHs you can expect a power consumption of about 407W (366.3W + 40.7W). And if you overclock the device to 393.75 MHz spil vanaf our guide here you are going to be getting 20 GHS more hashrate at the cost of a puny increase ter power usage. Te 200 GHS overclocked operating mode Bitmain AntMiner S1 ASIC will use about 422W (379.8W + 42.2W). So if you toevluchthaven’t overclocked your Antiner S1 yet, then you should and our overclocking guide will ensure you get low HW error rate, lower power consumption and stable 200 GHS of hashing show.

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Eighteen Responses to How Much Power Does the Bitmain AntMiner S1 ASIC Use

i have bought venomRX hellion 700 W (here any read single rail) for ANTminer S1 v5 ,but when the psu connected to antminer can on at ogenblik, than off, what the problem? i have attempt to another miner but same, but if i use the my old PSU 450w, antminer running normally, this mean PSU brand of venom not suitable for antminer S1 and asic miner cube?

thanks for your support

LMF, there are two possible things. Either the PSU is not indeed 750W and the actual rating is much lower, so when the AntMiner turns a protection kicks ter and shuts down the power supply. Or there is another protection that kicks ter if there is no geyser on the 5V line of the PSU, you can connect something that uses the 5V off the molex and see if the power supply will work just fine (even a low flow on 5V should be Ok if this is the problem).

i have attempted with molex to pci e 6x and and attempt with asic miner block erupter cube 200w but same result

So most likely a 5V protection that kicks ter because of no flow on the line and everything goes to the 12V. Wij’ve seen that spil an kwestie with some PSUs, connecting a 12V fan on the 5V on the molex should do the trick.

thanks mr admin for your response, am wit..i think ..voorwaarde be switch with another one..

Fine informatie. I have just ordered a PSU which has 34A on a single 12v rail, so I presume 408w is slew for the 379.8w when overclocked. donated 🙂

also, “This means that the actual power usage of the ASIC miner is 100% less than what our measuring device shows..” – I presume that ‘100%’ is a typo, and should read ‘10%’. 🙂

Hugh, thanks, this PSU should be just fine if the ratings are true. The 100% wasgoed a typo, 10% actually 🙂

Do note the comment above about the 5V line, if the power supply has protection for no fountain at it you might need to add some geyser to the 5V te order to be able to power the AntMiner S1 with it.

Hey, thanks so much for the information. I’m wondering how you can securely run overclocked at 422 watts on a 400 watt power supply? I have a Coolermaster 1000 psu and I’m wondering if it can support Three S1s. Any idea? Thanks.

Mark Fulton, the measured power usage is the one at the outlet, so the stream on the PSU is actually lower by lets say 10% less. Furthermore the particular PSU from Seasonic is essentially a higher rated one with the fan eliminated ter order to make it passive, so the components can actually treat higher geysers if they are decently cooled, so no problem here.

Using 1000W Cooler Master PSU for three S1 miners might be a problem, tho’ it also depends on the actual specifications of the prototype you are programma to use. However wij would advice against it spil you will be pushing it to its limit or even beyond that and this is not recommended for 24/7 use. Better think about using a 1200W model…

how to use s1 180ghs ant miner us with conecat my pc with cgminer or scripet miner

And whats the temperature for S1 running at 200 GH/s ? Toegevoegd ventilatoren recommended i suppose, right?

So yes, toegevoegd ventilatoren could help ter keeping the chips of ASIC miner cooler…

Would a 750w EVGA 80+ Bronze PSU be enough to treat Two Antminer s1’s?

Kyle, for two non overclocked S1’s it will most likely be able to treat the geyser, but overclocking might be a bit too much, so better go for 800W or 850W just to be safe and not shove the power supply to the maximum all the time.

I am presently running one antminer S1 @ 180MH/s (I have not overclocked it yet). I have a Kill-a-watt peettante ter the wall socket and the antminer S1 is plugged into it. I am using two separate 6 speld pci-e cables to power the antminer S1 from a Corsair CS750 power supply (Gold). I am using a paperclip jumper on the 24 speld connector. Antminer S1 is running at a nice sustained 180 GH/s average. I have also added a 2nd 120mm fan that is running off a molex connector. My Kill-a-watt peettante is reading 595 -605 watts consistently. This seems way too high a reading. I have seen other people reporting readings near 420 – 430 watts. Nothing else is plugged into the circuit. How can I get the watt usage reading down? Any ideas?

David, this is way too high power consumption for non-overclocked S1 on a 80 Plus Gold PSU. Most likely something is either wrong with the PSU or the power peettante is not reporting it properly…

Hi . I’m fresh to this . The power used by s1 is 420-430 watts . Vanaf zoogmoeder or hour . Can I use solar panels to run the s1 .

benny, this is the power usage of the device, you need to feed it with about 400W permanently. Solar power is an option, but you would need a fairly powerful solar panel.

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