Hollens Creator Academy

Hollens Creator Academy

You can create your passion from anywhere, right now.

Live Your Desires. Thrust Play.

You’re one decision away from living a life spil a creator. Learn more about the Hollens Creator Academy and how to make a living online doing what you love.

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Movie Courses

More than 7 hours of instruction, 76 movies curated by industry experts to give you an titillating and informed learning practice.

Track Your Progress

Progress through the course while earning recognition that will shove you to proceed to achieve your goals.

Unlimited Access

Access course materials including blogs and podcasts any where, any time. Learn at your own tempo and convenience.

Join the Creator Revolution

Fantasies don’t have to be just desires. You can create your passion from anywhere, right now.

The Creator Academy is a sturdy online education verhoging that includes a movie series, developed by leading media experts, training aspiring creators the key entrepreneurship abilities and strategies needed to live their passion te the digital age while providing a community-based environment. Spil Academy students make their way through the courses, they are encouraged to connect and collaborate with one another and share their achievements, fostering an suffering sense of community that motivates them to thrust through to the next step on their journey.

Creatives of all kinds! So far, wij have graphic designers, illustrators, cooks, knitters, artists, musicians and more taking the course and wij’re getting very positive terugkoppeling from them!

Join the Creator Revolution. Let us help you embark.

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Peter Hollens is an entrepreneur, educator, American speelpop singer and producer best known for his work on YouTube spil an acapella voorkant artist. With more than 1.8 million subscribers, his movies have reached half of a billion views on Facebook and YouTube since 2011. Hollens&rsquo, skill of the digital entertainment industry, combined with a passion for his kunst, have permitted the Creator Academy to develop a meaningful and unique movie course structure with the capability to train musicians and creators how to make a living doing what they love. It prepares artists to start pursuing their professional goals, create a individual brand, and build an online community while creating their kunst.

Spil seen on

Academy Stories

“Peter Hollens has spent years building a positive successful online presence and the lessons one can learn from his practice are invaluable. After working my way through his course, I can say that I’ve come away with a fresh sense of direction and concentrate for my career and a boatload of inspiration and fresh ideas.”

Josh Kaufman

Winner of The Voice Season 6, Hollens Creator Academy Student

“Peter has cracked the code. He’s a textbook example of the Fresh Proefje of entrepreneurship. The Hollens Creator Academy is your roadmap to take your talents and passions and turn them into a stream of income. Peter cracks ingewikkeld topics down into plain and actionable steps and all the while empowers you to get out there and switch your life. I’ve loved watching Peter fight for creators and bring many along with him, and I’m honored to call him my friend.”

Graham Cochrane

Recording Revolution Voogd, Music Business Guru

“Spil the old proverb goes, “When you reach the top, it’s your duty to send the elevator back down to help the next generation.” With this course, Peter Hollens is sending the elevator back down to help the next generation of creators. He has an amazing attention-to-detail and does a excellent job of training ter a way that’s both educational and entertaining.”

Jon Youshaei

Head of Creator Product Marketing, YouTube

“If Hollens has proven one thing, it’s that the old rules of the industry don’t apply anymore. He flawlessly embodies what the fresh music industry is shaping up to look like. He did not get a fortunate pauze. He wasgoed not “discovered” by a record company exec te a night club or from a viral music movie. He built a self-sustaining career on his own – making a fantastic living and supporting his family solely on his music.”

Ari Herstand

Singer/Songwriter and Author of, “How To Make It Ter The Fresh Music Business”

“I am permanently amazed at Peter’s work ethic and passion for everything he’s doing. Everzwijn since I’ve known Peter, he’s always bot on the cutting edge of what’s fresh ter social media and the music industry, and he’s bot exceptionally generous te sharing his skill with myself and other creators te this space. Peter views others spil collaborators, not competitors, and I think his passion and collaborative spirit make his Creator Academy an incredible resource for anyone looking to build a career ter this industry.”

Taylor Davis

Violinist, Arranger, and Composer with Two.Two Million Subscribers

“Peter is truly an amazing mentor to our peers, and permanently is attempting to help others ter our space. I know the Hollens Creator Academy will help so many people realize that they too can make a living doing what they love. It is refreshing to see someone who genuinely cares to educate and help others.”

Mike Tompkins

Producer, Singer, and Creator with Two.Trio Million Subscribers

“The Hollens Creator Academy is a fine place to learn whether you are a beginner or a attempted and true vettig of the creation world. There is an opzicht of creation and being a creator that wij can all work on further, and this course offers just that.”

J.R. O’Bryant

Hollens Creator Academy Student

“Creator Academy is a fantastic road-map to becoming a creator. After commencing to release weekly content, I quickly realized that I didn’t have all the chunks to the puzzle. I became so frustrated that I wasn’t even able to have joy doing what I loved to do. Peter Hollens not only shows you how to build a business, but he shows you how to build a community around YOU and what you love to do.”

Jessica McCutchen

Hollens Creator Academy Student

“This course is absolutely extreme, from the fundamentals of marketing ter the modern music industry all the way to producing your content and distributing it. Peter Hollens supplies, training you tips and tricks spil well spil providing you the motivation you need to be successful. Absolutely one of the most beneficial courses I’ve everzwijn taken!”

Jongste Gofton

Hollens Creator Academy Student

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