Hashing24 Scam Review, Kipi Community

Hashing24 Scam Review, Kipi Community

Hashing24 claims to be a Bitcoin Mining Company. The company claims to have bot involved with bitcoin cloud mining spil far back spil 2012.

Recently, the company has determined to permit general members of the public to participate ter its bitcoin mining operations by selling them hashing power.

How Does Hashing24 Work?

The process of mining bitcoin with Hashing24 is elementary. You create an account with the company at their webstek. Once you have created an account, you click on the ‘New Contract’ tabulator to buy hashing power.

Unluckily, the webstek does not specify how much profits investors can expect from their investments.

Investors know the cost of buying hash power and the cost maintenance. But they don’t know the rate of come back. Advice on how investors could go about calculating their daily pay-outs or profit would have bot useful.

Nevertheless, a webstek legendary for promoting cryptocurrency mining scams, Bitcoincloudmining.com , has calculated the rate of terugwedstrijd on investment at 166% vanaf annum.

Any investor would appreciate such a high come back on investment. Unluckily, most of the so-called bitcoin mining companies turn out to be Ponzi schemes at the end. Could Hashing24 be legit, or is it just a scam company spil well?

Is Hashing24 Legit or a Scam?

Hashing24 has bot featured ter one of the leading bitcoin news webstek, Cointelegraph.com.

Moreover, the company claims Bitfury , a respected bitcoin cloud mining equipment provider, is its service provider for bitcoin mining.

Despite support for Hashing24 by Bitfury and Cointelegrap h, some senior bitcointalk forum members believe Hashing24 is not legit.

One of the members points out that to state Hashing24 has bot doing cloud mining since 2012 is misleading. This is because the very first company to conduct cloud mining wasgoed cex.io te 2013. Meaning the Hashing24 team could not have bot around then.

The same user exposed a verbinding inbetween Hashing24 and another scam webstek, Instantcash.com. It has since bot shut down.

The misleading rechtsvordering that they have bot mining bitcoin since 2012 is a serious crimson flag because they do not have any track record to back up their voorkeur.

If a company cannot back up their optie, why should investors believe any of its promises.

Te my opinion, Hashing24 is not a legitimate bitcoin cloud mining company. Even the look of the webstek resembles a typical vormgeving of a cloud mining scam webstek.

For example, the display of the Visa and MasterCard logos at the bottom of the webstek pagina is a tactic used by scam websites for social proofing.

Wij know Hashing24 accepts bitcoins only, so why display the Visa and MasterCard payment system logos?

If the company passively lies about accepting Visa and MasterCard payments, what else is it lounging about?

Read the following threads te bitcointalk and you will realise that Hashing24 is one of many bitcoin mining scams.

Can You Make Money With Hashing24?

If the 166% projected gross profit is to be believed, an investor will receive his or hier seed money after about seven months, and the remaining five months will be profit.

Seven months is a too long a time to wait te an industry predominated by scams. All wij know the company could be using your money to pay you back. Te my assessment, I don’t see any investors making money out of this.

Even proven bitcoin miners such spil Gen esis Mining are not making any money for their investors. Instead, Genesis investors feel they are being ripped off.

Therefore, having bought mining equipment from Bitfury does not necessarily make Hashing24 legit or profitable for investors.

At the end of the day, it does not matter whether Hashing24 is legit or not because investors are going to lose out ter the end.

Unless one is a network marketer recruiting fresh investors for Hashing24, I don’t see anyone profiting from this scheme.

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