Free Bitcoins: Get Bitcoins Every Ten minutes

Free Bitcoins: Get Bitcoins Every 10 minutes

Get free bitcoin (BTCs) every Ten minutes!

What is free bitcoin faucet?

Bitcoin faucet is a method of receiving free BTCs. You are able to get up to 176 satoshi every Ten minutes. Bitcoin faucet will get you some amount of satoshi randomly selected by machine from 59 to 176 every time you use it.

Effortless payouts at Swiftbitcoins

Just after you reach 20 000 satoshi you may withdraw earned funds by very first request. Before that, all your earnings will accumulate te your account at the webstek. You will need to confirm your withdrawal through your email you have registered with.


Verity of bonuses you can get

During entire usage of our bitcoin faucet, you will have chance to win different bonuses. They might help you to increase the frequency of bitcoin claims, or even to get our jackpot, or improve your faucet te various ways. Do not neglect this possibility!


Get more income from your referrals!

Subscribe spil many referrals spil you can to get 25% of satoshi from all their claims to your balance.



Our other projects

Receive free satoshi each Five minutes and collect them to a Bitcoin. Our verzekeringspremie system will help you to do it quick!

Just play the spel and win Bitcoin. This is the only one real bitcoin dice spel te the world!

Play gokhal with bitcoins and win real money with more than 300 fantastic slots and other games.

Request bitcoin for free every Ten minutes. Use good bonuses to speed up the faucet or increase the payout. Love!

Definition of Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is a most popular digital asset ter the world, created and saved electronically. Bitcoins are not printed they can exist only virtually. There is entire payment system that use the bitcoins. The system is see-through. Everybody can see all the transactions ter it, but it is stay anonymous, so nobody know who is made the transaction.

Definition of Bitcoin faucet

A bitcoin faucet is a device that is provide registered users with free bitcoins. To use this contraption you have just to sign up on the webstek, voorwaarde the bitcoins, solve a captcha and get it free. At our webstek just after you reach 20 000 satoshi (0.0002 BTC), you will be able to withdraw the bitcoins to the address you have registered with.

Frequency of Bitcoins claims

With one account and IP address, you can keuze Bitcoin every Ten minutes and receive from 59 to 176 satoshi every time.

The advantages of Swift Bitcoins regarding other companies

Wij have different kinds of bonuses wij are providing to our users. Every day wij improve and optimize them to bring more benefit. With every voorkoop, our users have a chance to win some of them to increase the productivity of the faucet. Te the case you get a toeslag you should activate it.

Our Bitcoins are truly FREE

All Bitcoins are free for our users. Wij have a loterijlot of advertising on all pages at the webstek from this wij make the money. Bitcoins currency is a currency of future that is why wij want to involve more people to use it. Wij determined to share a part of what wij make with people, because wij want that our society prospered!

Loyalty premie

Wij are pleased to tell you that you can dramatically increase your faucet earnings by compounding your daily loyalty verzekeringspremie!

If you submit at least one rechtsvordering request for a sauset successively wij supply you a % verzekeringspremie.

Each next day premie increases by 3% and each 5th by 5% . Bonuse can grow up to 100% – no boundaries! Wij suggest you secure and totally effective way to dual your gainings.

For example, if you optie successfully for 6 days te a row, you will get 17% more satoshis vanaf every voorwaarde you make!

But be advised that should you miss a day then your premie toonbank will be reset back to 0% and you will have to rebuild it up again!

So to maximize your Bitcoin earning potential, make a faucet keuze at least once a day and observe your satoshis grow exponentially.

NOTE: wij use UTC date to calculate you consecutive visits days.

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