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Android Police - Android news, reviews, apps, games, phones, tablets

[Overeenkomst Bedachtzaam] Today only, Top Greener USB wall outlet for $12.79 (36% off) on Amazon’s Gold Opbergruimte Overeenkomst

Thesis days, many &mdash, if not most &mdash, of the electronics wij charge or buttplug te use USB. Sure, your lantaarn and your fridge most likely don’t have a USB cork, but your phone, tablet, bluetooth speaker, portable battery pack, and maybe even laptop likely do. It’s sort of an overkill to use a entire outlet just to ass-plug te a single USB cable, which is why there are now several places where you can buy USB wall outlets that you can install directly on a wall.

The Play Store’s latest look (with oodles of white space) is spreading to more users, ready or not

Interface vormgeving is a never-ending task, and no matter how much you might love the way an app looks and feels right now, there’s always that vishaak (or is it satan?) overheen the developer’s shoulder, murmuring, &ldquo,Couldn’t that be a little more optimal? What if you moved this button overheen here?&rdquo, And so, things switch: sometimes for the better, hopefully not so much for the worse. A little overheen a month ago, wij collective with you a fresh visual style that Google wasgoed flirting with for the Play Store, seemingly sucking the color out of the app and, well, not truly substituting it with anything, leaving us stuck with vast expanses of empty white.

[Overeenkomst Attent] Buy two Moto X4s from Project Fi and get $249 of service credit (BOGO)

The Android One Moto X4 is a good mid-range device, but the price wasgoed too high when it launched. It’s only officially available from Project Fi ter the United States, and the carrier has run numerous promotions te the past that brought down the price. Most recently, the phone dropped to $249 ($150 off).

You can eventually control Nest Secure from Google Assistant

The Nest Secure launched last year with a few cool features including all-in-one Detect sensors and NFC tags to disarm. It lacked one seemingly demonstrable feature&mdash,Google Assistant support. Nest is eventually rectifying that oversight with an over-the-air update. You can arm the secure, check your security level, and (sometimes) disarm it by voice.

Google Play Games v5.6 may add capability to delete select spel gegevens from Play Games servers [APK Teardown]

Individual privacy is and very likely always will be a difficult topic now that a digital lifestyle has become indelibly linked to our culture. It’s not enough to zekering using a service, wij should be able to have gegevens deleted from the servers just ter case a hacker manages to build up access. Google Play Games has long suggested the capability to erase entire profiles, which includes the Gamer ID, XP, scores, and any other gegevens saved to its servers. Now there’s text suggesting wij’ll get the capability to be picky and wipe individual games from the record while leaving everything else intact.

[Overeenkomst Oplettend] Numerous Aukey USB-PD chargers are on sale for up to 25% off via Amazon

Wij’re well into the era of USB Type-C now, but not all Type-C chargers are created equal. It can be hard to find an inexpensive spare charger with support for USB-PD. That’s the charging standard used on the Pixels, Essential Phone, Pixelbook, Macbook, and more. You can get some of Aukey’s USB-PD chargers today for spil much spil 25% off with coupon codes.

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