Cryptocurrency Explained: Cryptocurrency Guide For Dummies

Cryptocurrency Explained: Cryptocurrency Guide For Dummies

What is a cryptocurrency?

Te the last year, you voorwaarde have heard of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that overheen the last years enhanced ter value and earned investors unimaginable amounts of money. This might have led you to wonder, what exactly is a cryptocurrency? Well, it is not that complicated. A cryptocurrency is simply a digital coin that does not involve any middleman like a handelsbank or other financial institutions. This is achieved through a revolutionary technology known spil the blockchain technology.

So are governments Ok, with cryptocurrencies?

The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies has attracted mixed reactions from governments. There are governments that have openly adopted cryptocurrencies spil legal tender. Japan is a good example of such a country. On the other forearm, there are those that have taken a different treatment and determined to create their own cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency mining explained for dummies

If you are familiar with how fiat money works, then you know that it is the government through central banks that prints it. For cryptocurrencies, the process is a little bit different, and fresh coins are created through a process known spil mining. Cryptocurrency mining entails the use of pc hardware to solve complicated mathematical problems so spil to generate a fresh cryptocurrency. The more difficult the computations are, the more expensive the hardware required. That is why bitcoin, which is generated by utterly elaborate computations, requires high capacity pc hardware that is very power-intensive. Ter fact, if you live ter a high-energy cost country, you would not successfully mine bitcoin. The power costs you incur would be way higher than the money you generate from your mining activities. It is this costly nature of mining that has led some cryptocurrency developers to think of fresh and more innovative ways of generating cryptocurrencies. To give you better insight into cryptocurrency mining, let’s look at its different variations.

How cryptocurrency mining works?

Cryptocurrency mining simply works by permitting an individual or a corporation with the right equipment to solve mathematical problems, and generate a fresh cryptocoin. There are Two ways te which to do this. The very first one is buy the hardware and set it up yourself. To do this successfully, you have to ensure that power costs ter your country are cheap enough to accommodate cryptocurrency mining violet wand expenses.

The 2nd way to do it is through cloud mining. Cloud mining entails joining forearms with other investors, and buying a stake te an established mining equipment te a low cost country. You are then rewarded with a part of the cryptocurrency that you collectively mine, depending on how much you have invested.Cloud mining is emerging spil the best way for petite investors to mine cryptocurrency. That’s because, it doesn’t require any hardware investment, and the investor does not have to overeenkomst with high power bills that may pour cold water on their cryptocurrency investments.

Cryptocurrency trading for beginners

The very first step to begin trading ter cryptocurrencies is to open an account with a good cryptocurrency exchange. To determine, whether an exchange is good or not, there are a number of factors you should consider. Some of thesis are spil below:


Cryptocurrency exchanges are loved by hackers. They are permanently under Denial of service attacks from hackers spil they attempt to build up access and steal your crypto coins. That’s why before you register with an exchange, research its history, especially how it deals with hacking attacks.

Trading fees are another significant factor to consider when looking to trade cryptocurrencies through an exchange. For best trading results, it would be best to go for an exchange with the lowest trading fees. This is information that you can lightly access online.


When looking to trade ter cryptocurrencies, you want to do so through an exchange that is very liquid, so spil to quickly take advantage of emerging trading opportunities. A low liquidity exchange would deny you such an chance, significantly reducing your trading profits.

Now that you know how to choose a good exchange to trade your cryptocurrencies, the next step is the actual trading. When trading cryptocurrencies, you may adapt a number of strategies. The very first one is to buy and hold. Under this strategy, you look for a high potential cryptocurrency and buy it for the long run. For example, if someone had adapted this strategy towards bitcoin at the beginning of the year and bought it at $1000, they would now have made a neat profit by now that it is trading at close to $20,000.

The other strategy that you may adapt when trading cryptocurrencies is to day trade. This entails buying and selling cryptocurrencies on a daily onderstel by taking advantage of price inefficiencies spil they arise. While trading is a excellent treatment to making money with cryptocurrencies, there is a challenge when determining which ones to get into, and which ones to sell at any given time. To help you out with this, let’s look at how you can get into cryptocurrencies and do so profitably.

How to get into cryptocurrency?

Spil a beginner you may not know this but there are more than 100 cryptocurrencies out there. However, not every cryptocurrency has a potential for profitability. To make the best out of the cryptocurrency markets, it is imperative to understand what makes a cryptocurrency tick.

Thesis are some of the best known cryptocurrencies ter the markets today, and each of them spil a viable functionality. That’s why making any one of them your kicking off point te cryptocurrencies would be a sure path to your success te this field. Straks along once you are convenient with the markets, you can attempt out lower ranking coins.

How to purchase cryptocurrency?

Now that you understand exchanges, the different trading strategies you can adopt, spil well spil the best coins to trade ter, the question arises, how do I get to purchase them ter the very first place?

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