Asic miner block erupter cube bitcoin minerva

Asic miner block erupter cube bitcoin minerva

Wij are pricing so that more people will trend towards group buys or bulk just so it makes our shipping lighter. Bicknellski on July 11, , Can’t do that spil I stated before. Wij do not have the time spil the logistics would be a problem. You can either buy the total K1 or check out the group buy for K1 boards and make them yourself.

Check the DIY thread here: If waiting on Avalon chips, when are you expecting them approximately? And how long after chips arrive will K1’s be ready to ship? I suspect this will be ready today or tomorrow. What will you be approxmiately assuming size wise of thesis Nanos?

USB Drive – Powercable on a puny unit or a big equipment? July 12, , Updated Parts List for K1Nano. Spil wij are sourcing parts from outside Indonesia and brought te our prices for parts are higher and our fabrication is ter Batam for the boards. Original parts verkeersopstopping on github: Yes my error everyone. The entire length is 50 mm. I will have revise my picture. Thanks roybitcoin for pointing out my error.

The guys doing the buying of the warmth drowns have the right measurements I on the other arm wasgoed a tad dirty there. To check this someone can verify on the Github files for the K1. I just measured a houtvezelplaat here. Your 39mm is 36mm. The 25 is ok but when cut from a panel of Two or Four would most likely be 24mm, depending on cutter blade loss. So that is determined by how you assemble them. Most PnP shops will want to waterput lots of those te one big panel because they’re just too petite to do one by one.

I expect to finish a final revision of the houtvezelplaat te a duo days, and then order a batch for final testing. The K16 has bot verified and this is based on that, uses same firmware and cgminer driver, which are working, tho’ fairly basic still. Once boards are ordered I’ll have time to grind the code and get a bootloader added which permits upgrading via USB.

The K16 has bot running fairly well for mij te testing. The HW error rate is still a bit high and I think some houtvezelplaat switches planned will help with that. I toevluchthaven’t seen it toebijten again after switching the USB cable to the high quality one from my Canon camera that has a ferrite core near the houtvezelplaat connector. I’ve wired ter the inverters now. Unluckily on cgminer the error rate hasn’t improved.

I believe this is now related to noise on the PLL and instability. I’m moving onto final houtvezelplaat revisions now. Hope to have a fresh K16 release straks today and k1 tomorrow sometime. July 13, , Just taunting out the last little problems with the webstek everyone.

Wij should be ready with it Monday at the latest. Note there is a group buy available to get those lower prices right now with Beastlymac.

Tentative shipping prices are posted there spil well. Spil wij are doing BTC only our shipping prices will be estimated and before delivery wij will confirm based on exchange rate spil wij have to pay ter fiat for shipping. This is the listig to the Indonesian group buy organized at Kaskus Indonesian Nation-wide Forum Ini adalah listig ke buy kelompok Indonesia diselenggarakan di Kaskus http: Presently working on a Hub vormgeving for 49 K1s and 1 Raspi.

K1 mocked up with 3mm thick fever drown plate and 5mm fins. Sorry if this is a dumb question. What is the expected hash rate of your USB units? Rotorgeek on July 15, , July 15, , K16 Houtvezelplaat Revision is ended. Here is a list of switches: The only thing i thought of on hub would be amazing if you maybe add power connectors to connect laptop ventilatoren to it.

Keep a little air flow with that many USB miners. Well the idea would be to waterput a 2nd layer with a ventilatoren above or also thinking of a laptop cooler type ventilatoren the larger mm but it would be a duo of months before wij had something like that. Only option get one made. Ter the meantime you can have a look around the webpagina for now.

July 16, , Lovin’ the logo from one of our members. I think may be possible but is pushing it. Above that you would undoubtedly need to switch parts on the K1 houtvezelplaat. I toevluchthaven’t looked that up yet but it would need to getraind on the same pads. Bicknellski on July 15, , If you want 1 it is ideally priced since our members went back and forward on this very point.

I would also say that by posting our prices the competition instantly lowered prices for their Block Erupters. So ya I think wij are ok for now with.

If you want hundreds of thesis K1’s wij can talk about even larger discounts directly with the Coop. Also there are some group buys. Beastlymac is running one.

So there are options to buy your K1 Nanos from us at much diminished rates from. Wij welcome the dialogue on prices reminisce wij are miners and fanboys of BitCoin just like everyone else so wij are attempting to find a glad middle ground for everyone.

Also wij want to ship spil many spil wij can spil soon spil wij can just to get revenue flowing back to BKKCoin. Given the competition for thesis kinds of units and the current prices wij indeed feel it is the right budge to opoffering K1s ter such a pricing structure.

Time will tell if the community agrees. Beastlymac on July 16, , Diligently plotting to take overheen the world and leave you alone.

Bicknellski on July 16, , I agreed with your point spil it is “unproven” but no it is not overpriced. Wij are suggesting lower prices for group buys spil wij said. If you want 1 K1 Nano and do not want to pay that price. Get one chip, get a houtvezelplaat and diy. I believe that is a good idea so much so a few K1s will be featured te my schools curriculum and the middle schoolgebouw students will be building thesis K1s.

That is available check that out if you want a much better ROI. Wij are suggesting fabricated, tested, burned te, packaged units shipped worldwide. I value your point but I don’t agree the K1 should considered something of a lesser product especially how wij hope to get our version to market. Wij are keen on having something that could overclock spil well I just think there is a loterijlot more value te supporting thesis units overheen “proven” ones especially given the effort waterput into providing away everything spil open source hardware and the software spil well, that is something that has a loterijlot more value beyond the ROI.

It will help the community fund more of thesis projects. Wij are looking beyond the K1 to other projects spil well but let us support the DIY developers.

Our K1s are just one suggesting there are many others. I agreed with your point. I value your point. I just think there is a lotsbestemming more value te supporting thesis units overheen “proven” ones especially given the effort waterput into providing away everything spil open source.

You could wij have already done that overheen and overheen again with 15 people. Again what I said holds a loterijlot of value.

Get a group together and make our COOP an opoffering wij can’t reject you might find that all your negativity constructive armchair pricing has little merit given you are actually interested ter buying ter numbers. So point wit, how many do you want? If you don’t want any xyzzy then time to budge along.

Asked and answered your concerns and have given you every chance to make an offerande. I take it you are not interested te buying K1s te bulk. If you want some ter future and are serious about larger numbers for better prices then please voeling mij directly via email. The webstek should be live tomorrow.

Spil always wij are keen to supply larger numbers of K1s to groups or coops. Druppel mij a PM or an email. July 17, , I toevluchthaven’t updated the K1 files yet. The fresh houtvezelplaat revision will use the 2G02 but it’s not speld compatible so you can’t place that on the old houtvezelplaat.

Here’s a schrijven list of switches I’m doing for the K1: Bicknellski on July 17, , No shipping prices spil of yet have bot added to the webpagina. Wij are able to ship worldwide. Wij have only rough numbers from DHL at this time and will likely switch. For now here are the rough numbers based on Batam DHL offices. My apologies for my lack of skill setting the table decently.

Can you tell mij what the weight of one K1 is and where they would be shipping from to get to the US? Swimmer63 on July 17, , Thanks for the quick reply. When you get them with heatsinks and weigh them please let mij know. I’ll keep an eye out here anyway.

Further update on the Two. Can you explain ter a bit more detail, only if you have the time, about this reference? Sorry my ignorance I just want to make sure people are clear about the reference. And sometimes they cannot do even that if all ports are drawing near max. Good USB hubs like the Muuranker ones provide enough juice that you may be able to draw more, but it’s beyond spec.

Some ports can provide more when operating spil battery charger mode, but aren’t required to when operating spil gegevens ports. And then you have issues regarding the RasPi not working with Trio. So there is many factors to determine what you can actually do, or get away with, beyond what “should” work. Some threads on this forum discuss thesis issues but I toevluchthaven’t kept abreast of the latest details.

I’ll be boosting to soon to see how that works. I’m waiting for the fresh boards to do a full-populate and test. I’ll not solder the ASICs by palm this time so it will be all 16 at once ter the oven.

Bicknellski on July Legitimate, , Possible for a loterijlot shipment and redistribution. Group buys ideally would be that way. There are Two forms of shipment. Check out the webpagina here: Sample based on a Country delivery and prices are generally based on closest port: Tarif Kiriman Luar Negeri Dari: July Nineteen, , Chefnet on July Nineteen, , They take about a week but I never have the capability to track mine.

Not sure if it’s an option or not available. Rates emerge to be more reasonable. How to pay for a K1 Nano on our fresh webpagina: Step 1 Register for an account. Step Five Go after shipping steps provided. Step 6 Go after shipping steps provided. Payment window 15 minutes. I like this idea of reducing the k16 workload with a K1. Would you give some thought to a brief production run for chipless K1’s. Good Luck, I maybe ordering a few finish miners once the chips come ter..

I then enhanced it to miners still 0 BTC. Wasgoed tempted to attempt the surplus of the checkout process. Wij are certainly still working on the shipping. At this point wij need to finalize which countries wij actually are able to ship thesis units to from our druppel webpagina.

Others will have to be delivered ongezouten from Batam using more expensive means. The webstek will indicate that at the time you order. After wij resolve that then wij can release the webpagina again so that people can order. Our project is to have a single druppel ship location and from that location ship on worldwide.

Fingers are crossed of course for chips. Is your offerande still good “Pay for K1 Fabrication te chips, 1 for 1”: Bicknellski on July 20, , Tell mij about it July 23, , Looking for rente te a group buy for thesis little guys: Let us know what you what you need.

Feel free to ask us for discounted pricing on larger orders. Also note that with our current expediter shipping choice is based on best price and availability for your country. So wij can not say exactly what company will be available but there should be a selection. If your country does not vertoning up on the shipping forms please use the webstek voeling information and one of our members will help you shipping. Big Picture Mining Cooperative is close to a prototype for a USB hub that when ready should be something that wij can bundle and waterput together with K1s or be sold spil single units for anyone needing something with ample power and slots.

Soon spil wij have prototype testing wij will will release more details on the hub. Suffice to say wij are looking to solve the punt with Raspberry Pi, and sufficent number of ports for the Klondike 1 Nano v 0. Fresh No special loterijlot prices will be available just one price.

Wij are still waiting on Avalon Chips spil is everyone else. Fingers crossed our earlier chips arrive soon. Bicknellski on July 25, , July 25, , Always bot te the wedloop and now wij are priced pretty competitively given the options Sitting and waiting is the spel now for pretty much everyone doing Klondike products.

The line wij are using rated that units vanaf day could be done. So our petite batch to commence with would be done te a matter of hours. But assuming delivery ter the next month or two, and overclocking, you can get your cost covered ter 90 days or so of mining. Swimmer63 on July 25, , Group buy has commenced. Anyone from the US who wants to order zekering by and make your pledge. Our initial target is 50 miners. Wij’ll expand to include more spil needed up until about , which would very likely be too much for mij to treat alone.

Prices subject to switch based on terugkoppeling from Bicknellski. I like the fresh pricing but when I estimated my shipping cost on the webstek the only option wasgoed DHL. July 26, , Beastlymac on July 26, , Hey everyone so just wished to update the community. I’ve bot the one setting up the webstek and unluckily something happened with the shipping options and quotes are way higher then they should be. Presently fixing the kwestie now and will update the community when everything is running normal again.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. GQM on July 26, , Thesis items receive two SKUs: Ok guys sorry for the long wait but the webpagina is live again with Regular Package available for the following countries.

July 27, , I have presently got Shipping setup for the following countries. So how is the overclocking on thesis done exactly? Is it through the firmware, or a cgminer guideline switch? July 28, , Kuschelweich on July 27, , July 29, , People are wondering will the K1 be a viable product coming out of our fabrication by Big Picture Mining Coop.

Wij believe wij are ready for any challenges and wij are doing what it is required to get working products te forearm to our customers. The following tests to be performed on a mutually agreed number of sample coupons vanaf production batch: Impedance test traces Two. Access points to power and ground plane pairs Three.

The following tests to be performed on a mutually agreed number of PCBs from very first sample batch run: In-Circuit test -Power supply Voltage. Spil soon spil I received the units I glided the back plane out of the cube and did tighten the warmth submerges “keep te mind not to overheen tighten.

I also had to realign the cards back into the unit. I’m glad I took the time to pauze the units down and reset all the cards into their decent slide spoorlijn. It wasgoed very visible that because the cards shipped outside the slide rail the caps on the cards had bot dented from banging up against the fever bury on the opposing card.. Once everything wasgoed I place I broke out an old router ter order to switch the unit default network to my local lan..

Once I plugged the Ethernet overheen to my local lan the cube wasgoed up and running with zero defects.. Both units were up and running te under 30 zoogmoeder.. I bought this voorwerp because it had much better cost ratio than running the GPUs I wasgoed using previously. This voorwerp comes with no instruction whatsoever, so you will need to search the web for setup.

It does include a power jumper to get the power supply commenced which is much lighter that just using a wire to leap the connection. It would be nice if they at least included some basic setup information, even a single pagina on how to get it embarked, power requirements, network requirements. I found that you voorwaarde power it with two separate 6 speld 12 volt PCI-E connections. This unit draws about watts ter high mode. If you connect it with a split PCI-E power connector, one where the 2nd 6 speld ass-plug is split off of the very first, the wires will get hot.

The network interface seems to only run at 10Mbps at half duplex and does not negotiate traffic very well if the network is busy. I found through some trial the best way to connect it to the proxy service is through a ongezouten connection to a dedicated network card on the proxy host machine via a cross overheen cable.

This setup has bot working flawlessly for a week now. Do NOT turn thesis on without opening the case and investigating the integrity of the screw torques, seating of the cards, and the attachment of the heatsink. You could literally fry one if you turn it on without opening them to inspect and repair.

Thesis are wonderful devices, from a number of perspectives. Wij regularly get up to 42ghash on Bitminter, and uncommonly dip below 38ghash. No need to fiddle with any erector sets spil with some other products. One vendor claimed to have delayed shipping to inspect the units. If that is true, they need to grind their inspection skill set.

All units had heatsink screws that were NOT torqued. The thermal conduit layer inbetween the bury and the houtvezelplaat possesses a modulus of elasticity which should degrade the uitzicht of the screws becoming loosened due to lifespan.

That wasgoed Four out of four screws on every houtvezelplaat of every unit. Only one unit did not have any screws rolling around albeit 1 screw wasgoed only half way te. The product is superb spil an addition to an existing system. It shows up to be reliable and is working spil described. I received it with a 9th the product comes with 8 screw jammed inbetween PCB and cube’s wall, and all boards were off spoorlijn, arched and jammed inwards.

I am astonished it is working after the condition that it arrived ter. Heatsinks were not touching the chips so check for that spil well. It did not come with a fuse, but any green 30amp fuse from hardware store will work. See all 48 reviews. Most latest customer reviews. Published 8 months ago. Published 1 year ago. Published on August 28, Published on February Four, Published on October 1, I just don’t like thesis miners. Published on August Legal, Published on July 21, I marked down a starlet just because the Published on July 8, Costanza Claudia Den Rogatis Caruso.

Published on July Five, Published on June 17, What other items do customers buy after viewing this voorwerp? There’s a problem loading this menukaart right now. Get quick, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. View or edit your browsing history. Get to Know Us. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

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FREE INSTRUCTIONS FOR BEGINNERS. Wij ARE BUYING MUCH LARGER UNITS AND DO NOT NEED Thesis. BRAND Fresh. POWERED UP AND TEST RUN. USED Bitmain Antminer S7 Bitcoin Specie ASIC Miner TH/s +vPSU Working GOOD. $1, Free Shipping. Bitmain Antminer S7 Bitcoin Btc metselspecie . ASICMiner Block Erupter CUBE. Wij just received our very first batch of ASICMiner Block Erupter CUBE bitcoin miner today! Wij’ve plugged ter the our very first one and talent it a quick 30 minute run which has bot averaging Gh/s. ** UPDATE ** Will go after shortly with our Block Erupter Cube Unpacking movie and instructions. Vraaggesprek With Tiyo Triyanto On The Redfury Usb Asic Bitcoin adalah pembuat hardware Crimson Fury yang merupakan hardware penambang Bitcoin yang jika Anda tidak ingin terlalu repot menambang bitcoin Two Feb ASICMiner Block Erupter USB MH/s Sapphire Miner. The very first Bitcoin USB miners were the Sapphire.

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